From scratch tracks to collectibles

In summer 2009, Jason Reed Milner and I began writing music as Irene & Reed, an original project blending Americana (roots, folk and country influences) with the blues. It was like someone had lit a spark under us, motivating the composition of a new song almost every evening — a true meeting of the minds.  Jason used his years of experience performing music, paired with my years devoted to the written word, to create something from nothing. Each song became a direct pipeline to self-expression, heard through our piano, guitar and vocals. We wrote the gist of our debut album, Closer to Home, in less than two months. Then came the real work.

We’ve been slaves to the mixing process since Fall 2009, learning about the techniques of song EQ-ing/leveling from Sony Tree Studios sound engineer Brad Milner and gathering other sonic tips for mastering from fellow musicians. It has been a process of trial and error we look forward to completing. We’re getting close now to our final edits. As perfectionists, we want to be sure everything sounds just right before we release our work to the world. The method of releasing an album is much like that of submitting a resume. It’s got to be our best foot forward — the best representation of our music.

We want you to be as proud of this collection as we are. It’s been a labor of love in the works since June 2009. By the time we release album one, we’ll already be knee-deep into album two. With scratch tracks already recorded for songs such as “Breathe,” “Purge,” “It’s Alright Now” and “Break Me,” we’ll continue to grow as a band along with our sound. Our music is organic. It follows our lives, our emotions, our dreams and everything in between. And as our music matures, we invite you to grow with us. Although over time we may change, we’ll always know where we came from through the raw, aching beauty of our first album, Closer to Home.

Keep your eyes and ears open. It’s on the verge of release!


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