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Reflecting over the process of songwriting from summer 2009 until now, I am amazed at how far J and I have come as a musical duo. As Irene & Reed, we’ve officially written and recorded 20 original songs together. That feat is nothing short of spectacular. We’ve already got one album under our belt and are about three-fourths into album two. So what’s next?

Well, once we get the word that our songs are for sale on iTunes, we’ll inform all of you and start introducing ourselves to the media world. Then, we’ll be performing live across the Midwest as we push forth with album two, seeking more opportunities to grow as musicians and as individuals.

Although album one, Closer to Home, includes songs written as long ago as the year 2000, they still seem relevant today. Album two, however, shows more of a transformation. Over a period of about eight months, the character in the songs undergoes a slew of experiences and emotions — from heartache to denial to anger to healing to forgiveness to confusion and finally, to release. It’s a story about taking risks and sometimes losing. It’s also a story of survival and of renewal.

We hope music will always be a source of strength for the writer and for the listener.

– Irene


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