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Some music critics believe you can interpret a song collection by the words contained therein. In many ways, I tend to agree. To grasp a feeling for what Jason Reed Milner and I were going for on our debut, Closer to Home, read some highlights of our lyrics below….

Lyric highlights from Closer to Home, written by Leslie Benson, which sum up Irene & Reed’s debut album (© Irene & Reed 2009):

On home:
“Home to me is not where I am, but where I’ve been. It’s where I come from.” — “All Your Tomorrows”
“All your tomorrows won’t bring you closer to truths you’ve always known. When you’ve gone missing, just look behind you. The path will lead you home.” — “All Your Tomorrows”

On love:
“How often do you whisper to her of your love and all that is “pure?” When not twenty-four hours ago—you fell into my arms with a fury. A fury!” — “Wine and Whiskey”
“Your sins don’t make you a man. Your head’s guiding what your heart’s denying.” — “Even with Closed Eyes”
“Take what you need. Leave the rest for the worthy.” — “Small Miracles”
There are people in this world you’ll know. If you love them, don’t be afraid to tell them so.” — “Lose Myself”
You’ll know ‘the one’ — [it’s the one] you compromise the least for.” — “In Your Arms”

On loss:
“Somehow among every trouble in this world our worries seem so small. In the context of something greater that surrounds us, confounds us, and consumes us all. We fight hard for such small battles though one strong wind will make our tower fall. Look how fragile we are, how fragile we really are.” — “Fragile”

On faith:
“You can’t stop me. I’m unstoppable. I put my faith in small miracles.” — “Small Miracles”
“I freefall with the winds of change; turbulence never scared me away.” — “Small Miracles”
“I’ve opened all the fortune cookies. Their words are kind; I’ve read a few, but I’ll write my own, just like you do.” — “Someday”

Lyric highlights from Irene & Reed’s yet-to-be-titled sophomore album, written by Leslie Benson, which summarize the upcoming song collection (© Irene & Reed 2009-2010):

On struggle:
“Don’t trim these limbs so close I cannot reach. Don’t break these vows, the ones we both need…. I can’t breathe when you’re on top of me. So, I’ll rely on my prayers this time.” — “Breathe”
“You tell me to run, but I stand firm in the face of your gun. I see you flinch as you lift your finger, but my eyes are open as you pull the trigger.” — “Purge”
“Every hero’s got a villain inside him. It’s a battle within. Who knows who’s winning?” — “Break Me”

On strength:
“You say you give, but you take. You want to mend, but you break… everything in your way. But you can’t break me.” — “Break Me”

On reclamation:
“You’ve lost my respect, and without any crutch, you’re  falling all over me. Hard as I try, the weight on your back  is more than I can carry. Would you believe, without you, I’d be a better version of me?” — “It’s Alright Now,” unreleased track
I won’t fit in any box you carry. Don’t pour me in a coffee cup; I spill easy.” — “Pieces of the Girl”
“I am filled with love stories and inconsistency. I am a free spirit tied to indecision. I don’t come with instructions. I move in all directions. I may make bad decisions, but I’m on a mission.” — “Mission”


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