Sneak peek into album two

Since releasing their debut album, Closer to Home, in March 2010, Irene & Reed have been rehearsing in the studio for live performances they’ll announce this summer and fall. Not only is the band auditioning talented drummers and bassists in the Indianapolis area for live gigs, but musicians Jason Reed Milner and Leslie Benson are also ecstatic to be composing their next body of work.

Irene & Reed’s yet-to-be-named sophomore album will feature guest musicians and more diverse instrumentation, building upon the band’s debut by taking the music further and the lyrics deeper. Layering upon the heartfelt innocence of melodic first-takes on Closer to Home, album two will unveil even more vulnerability and uncensored, raw emotion expressed through music.

With song themes ranging from faith to ancestry to self-esteem to abuse and survival, Irene & Reed will reveal more of themselves and their passion for songwriting in their second collection, which includes “Break Me,” “Breathe,” “High Roller,” “Mission,” “Purge,” “Tochter von Berlin” and other tracks.

Also on the horizon for Irene & Reed this year is another photo shoot, exclusive online downloads for fans, a music video or two and a possible side project expressing more electronic, trip-hop and industrial sounds. Stay tuned!


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