Welcome our new drummer!

Eddie Venable, drummer/backing vocalist, Irene & Reed, 2010.

Born and raised on the northeast side of Indianapolis, Ind., Eddie Venable grew fond of playing drums and percussion at age 10. Having been inspired by Rush and Led Zeppelin, he began identifying with rock, funk, blues and various ethnic musical genres at a young age, yet could just as easily be moved by the R&B and soul of artists like Roberta Flack.

“At that age I wanted to just rock,” Venable says, “so I did that by sight reading, learning rudiments and rock drumming. I was soon turned on by the sound and technical ability of Rush, and it was on! I made myself into a practice machine, honing skills and getting my hands on different music styles to broaden my playing ability.”

Having mastered a myriad of percussion instruments, including Djembe and congas, Venable is now able to provide a solid set-up of pro gear and pro playing abilities for diverse venues. Doubling on backing vocals, his musical versatility shines beyond drumming alone. He has also been able to use his knowledge of music theory to collaborate with musicians and former bands (Second Fiddle, Placebo and Bone Daddie) on melody and instrumental placement in three and four-part harmonies. His other influences include Dave Matthews Band, The Police, Steely Dan, Yes, Tool, Dream Theater and Santana, while his drumming skills stem from an admiration of Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Simon Phillips, Dave Weckl, Stewart Copeland, Steve Smith and Will Calhoun. With ample recording experience, it’s evident Venable has an overwhelming love for the songwriting process.

After the release of Irene & Reed’s debut album, Closer to Home, Venable met Leslie Benson and Jason Reed Milner during the summer of 2010. He was up for the new challenge posed by the growing band focused on original music but not afraid to play a few covers. With Venable’s drive for high-quality musicianship and performance values, the songwriters welcomed him to their project to kick-start the band’s first live tour.


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