Welcome our new bassist!

Scott Carroll, bassist, Irene & Reed, 2010.

Scott Carroll

Scott Carroll grew up on a steady dose of hip-hop, alternative rock, and thanks to his mother, Motown. He began playing saxophone in the school jazz band during sixth grade and continued throughout his high school career. He also found his musical passion playing bass in jazz band and several garage bands. Along the way, he accumulated many solo and ensemble awards at jazz festivals throughout the country.

After high school, Carroll was accepted into such prestigious music schools as Indiana University, the University of Indianapolis and New School in New York. He chose to stay at home instead and get real gigging experience. He immediately started playing in various blues, rock and R&B groups across town. Not only was he the youngest member of these groups by an average of 15 years, but he also took private lessons from Ray Reindeau, Brian Beller, Peter Hanson and Steve Wolf to strengthen his skills as a professional musician.

After playing around town in cover bands (5 Minutes 2 Wapner, the Hook) for the last seven years, Carroll has landed himself in Irene & Reed. He hopes to use his command of the pocket and love for all things groove to help hold down the rhythm section.


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