We are grateful for our fans: (i.e. Thanks for not throwing tomatoes!)

If you’ve never been on stage or on radio for a performance, the experience can be summed up in one word: Intense. It’s like a high-pressure job interview. You’re on the spot. The heat is on, and you’ve got to be ready. You’d better know your stuff. It’s a struggle to relax, to remember the words you want to say or sing, as well as the notes you want to play. It’s a challenge not to get distracted or forget to breathe. Sometimes the room is too hot, and you’re so sweaty and stuffy you’re trying not to pass out. And sometimes you realize you’re thirsty or need to hit the restroom one more time, only to realize it’s too late. You are on, and everyone is watching you.

There are rewards to performing, however. Although it can be terrifying, it’s also a thrill—a rush to which almost nothing else can compare. It’s reaffirming, too. People are there to hear your creative work, and it’s even more special when they appreciate what you do.

And once it’s done, it’s a relief. You’ve survived. Now, on to the next….

So thank you, dear audience, for welcoming the musicians of Irene & Reed into your homes and into your hearts. We appreciate you too. You are what we’re especially grateful for this Thanksgiving. May this holiday season bring you peace and prosperity.

-Irene, 2010


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