Season’s Greetings from Irene…

I’m returning to my roots.

From the first time I sang in the church youth choir, to the first time I listened to my dad’s record collection, to the first time I pursed my lips to a flute mouthpiece and whistled, to the first time I sang along to Andrew Lloyd Webber show tunes in my parent’s van, to the first time I got painful finger calluses from strumming an acoustic guitar, to the first “full” song I wrote (“Xavier,” circa age 15), to the first time I grew the balls to sing karaoke—sober—nonetheless, to the first “real” band I formed (Burning Veda, circa 2001), to the first full-length album I recorded with a band (Closer to Home by Irene & Reed, 2009)—all these experiences were (and some still are) joys I have shared with friends and family. They have molded me into a lifelong music lover, and a girl who likes to dream big….

I write, because that’s all I know. I love music more than anything, and together, the two—writing and music—make me who I am. I decided to join the two interests in 2009 by forming my blog, “Songwriting from a Journalist’s Perspective.” On this site, you’ll find everything from my original music, to personal stories and quips, to an online portfolio of my best and most recent work in the fields of journalism and marketing.

But what I want you to pay most attention to, for the sake of art, is the music. To (hopefully) find some inspiration and to learn a little more about who I really am, click on the links below. You’ll be transported to various moments in time over the last few decades of my life, which formed me as a songwriter, as a musician and as a woman.

And if my lyrics and songs touch you or move you in some subtle way, then I’ve done my job. I’ve etched a piece of my own heart into yours.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening.

Happy Holidays,

– Leslie Irene Benson, Dec. 23, 2010



Listen to Irene & Reed (2009-present):

Listen to Burning Veda (2001-2002):

Side Projects (ongoing):





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