Podcast: Hear Irene & Reed’s Nov. 2010 Radio Show

Thanks again to all our fans for listening, and to Host Frankie Ferrell, DJ Abe Morris, Sound Engineers Shane Young and Jim Lang, and Producer Jim Manion for giving us a warm welcome on Nov. 17, 2010 for our live radio debut performance on WFHB 91.3 FM Bloomington, Indiana. We had a blast!

Click the “Play” arrow button below to hear the 30 minute broadcast, featuring Leslie Benson on vocals, Jason Reed Milner on keyboards, Scott Carroll on bass guitar, and Eddie Venable on drums.

Radio set list:
1. “Small Miracles” (c) Irene & Reed 2009
2. “Hardened Hands” (c) Irene & Reed 2010
3. “Wine & Whiskey” (c) Irene & Reed 2009
4. “All Your Tomorrows” (c) Irene & Reed 2009
5. “Wild Abandon” (c) Irene & Reed 2010
6. “Crucified” (c) Irene & Reed 2009


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