Introducing: The Sweetest Condition…

On left: Irene & Reed. Photo by Kris Arnold, 2011. On right: The Sweetest Condition. Photo by Brosmer Photographic, 2012.

After three fabulous years as Irene & Reed, Indy’s “dark-tinged Americana” trio has coined a new name in a new era: The Sweetest Condition.

It’s the innocence of your first love—that churning, all-consuming infatuation. Flip the coin, and it’s obsession, addiction … the toxic codependent tug-of-war learned from feeling worthy and worthless. Some joy, some pain.

Look for the new album, “Struggle, Strength, Reclamation,” recorded at Sony Tree Studios in Nashville, Tenn., due out by 2013!

Listen to “Not Lonely Anymore” (c) 2012 The Sweetest Condition

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