FREE New Irene & Reed Song for Download: “Wild Abandon: Hypnotic Prayer Mix” by Von

by Irene & Reed – “Wild Abandon: Hypnotic Prayer Mix” by Von at Right-click and choose “Save as” to download the MP3 to your computer. Enjoy! 

Von’s new album, “Haunted,” will be released in 2011. Learn more here:

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Irene & Reed
Wild Abandon – Hypnotic Prayer Mix
Remixed by Von
© 2011 Irene & Reed

About the Song

Based on a poem penned more than a decade ago by singer-songwriter Leslie Irene Benson of Indianapolis, Indiana-based piano pop band Irene & Reed, “Wild Abandon” has experienced a trinity of transformations. Taken from “He Moves Me,” freeform poetry written sometime around 2002 and rewritten by Benson and arranged for piano and organ in 2010 by pianist Jason Reed Milner, the poem was renamed “Wild Abandon” in its first song stage, meant for release on Irene & Reed’s second album (yet to be released). Irene & Reed first performed “Wild Abandon” in 2010 live at the WFHB 91.3 FM FireHouse Broadcasting Studios in Bloomington, Indiana. In summer 2011, “Wild Abandon” was remixed by Midwest-based ambient/IDM electronic artist Von [] and released as a single track for free download by fans. Von’s trip-hop perspective of the song, he said, came from the trance-like rhythm of the lyrics, which he described as a sort of morbid “prayer.” Benson’s original incarnation of the song as a poem, “He Moves Me,” is available along with 66 other poems in her original chapbook, Emerging: The Collective Poems 2000-2011, available for sale at in paperback and hardback. “Wild Abandon” will be released on the second Irene & Reed album, which will be released by 2012. For more information, visit “Like” the band at Look for Von’s new album release, “Haunted,” in 2011.
He Moves Me
© 2002 Leslie Irene Benson

blessing his dance like religion
he moves me with hypnotic waves
hands like white lightning

tracing luminous lines
beneath draping willow branches
lingering syrupy swirls
cross-stitched invisible motions

perched on woodland’s high point
this boy-child stares into the city skyline
haunted by violence and fate

his eyes are molasses
rich with memory and wild abandon

Wild Abandon
© 2011 Irene & Reed
Words by Leslie Irene Benson

And all I ask of you is to see me for
who I really am.
A simple request at the hands of a boy,
turned into a man.
He moves to hypnotize, with hands like
waves of lightning white.
Inside he mystifies,
blessing his dance like religion.

Dance like religion.
Dance like religion!

His eyes speak of memory.
His hands twist above me.
Rich with wild abandon.
Dancing his religion.

Flesh moves with flesh
and bone to bone,
stronger than daylight
has ever known.

A rite of passage,
gift from above.
swaying around me,
primal love…

His eyes speak of memory.
His hands twist above me.
Rich with wild abandon.
Dancing his religion.


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