Best Albums of 2011 – What are Your Faves?

This year we caught up on some great music (including some older stuff) and got into:

1. The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow” – LOVE THIS ONE!!!
2. La Roux – “La Roux”
3. Florence & the Machine – “Ceremonials”
4. Tori Amos – “Night of Hunters”
5. The Lonely Island – “Turtleneck and Chain”
6. Over the Rhine – “The Long Surrender”
7. The End Times Spasm Band – “High Wire Lover” (Ft. Wayne, Indiana)
8. Mina & The Wondrous Machine – “Maestro…A Note” (Indy)
9. NM Kjeldsen – “Black Bear EP” (Indy)
10. Skrillex – “More Monsters and Sprites”
11. Excision “X-Rated”
12. My Brightest Diamond – “All Things Will Unwind”

Irene has also been listening to Lady Antebellum, Sigur Ros, Emmylou Harris, Michael Jackson – “This is It” (2009); Mumford & Sons – “Sigh No More” (2009), and of course, Depeche Mode.


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