New Year’s Resolutions

With the dawning of every New Year, we embark on the great mission to “reinvent” ourselves. By reinventing who we are or what we do, we hope to become better versions of ourselves. Somehow an exercise regime, a new hair color, a new wardrobe, a clean house, new friends, a different car, moving to a new job or city all become affirmations that we have evolved.

2012 is a year of change. Even the Mayan’s knew this and left us reminders on their calendar. While the year passes, some of us may take more risks and change perceptions and behaviors based on the fear that there is an impending “end of the word.” However, I implore you to make decisions this year based on love, not fear.

If this was your last year to live—which I’m not promising it is—how would you spend it?

Would you work smarter and play harder? Would you stop making excuses and start shooting for your dreams?

Join Irene & Reed on this path of self-fulfillment by expressing your love to those around you. Through random gestures of kindness, giving extra hugs to friends and family, listening to people in need, rescuing animals without a home, and having more outings with people who bring you joy, you will in return bring others joy and lift up the consciousness of the world.

Let’s make this year count.



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