R.I.P. Chuck Workman – Indy’s Jazz Icon

 Back when I launched my professional journalism career at Nuvo Newsweekly in Indianapolis as its first-ever female music editor, I was fresh out of college, bright-eyed, hopeful, and a little naïve. With big dreams, I walked into the Nuvo offices in 2005 not knowing what to expect. As exciting and scary as the new job and newfound responsibility was, I found some solace in the fact that I had experienced industry professionals around me who had grew up with the Indy music scene. Chuck Workman was one of those folks. He was “grandfathered” into Nuvo as one of Indy’s jazz and blues aficionados. He knew everything there was to know about jazz and The Circle City, and I respected that. While I tackled music coverage of the other diverse genres in town, Workman guarded his beloved jazz, continuing to write a weekly column, “Jazz Happenings,” until the day he passed away. I am humbled to have known him, and it makes me think we should all listen and pay attention more to the great people who helped form this city into what it is today, whether still writing for Nuvo, still performing live gigs around town, running local independent record shops, or relaxing at the local coffee shop telling tales of days gone by. We owe these folks a debt of gratitude. – Irene

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One Response to “R.I.P. Chuck Workman – Indy’s Jazz Icon”
  1. Courteny Workman says:

    Thank you for this kind article about my father. I appreciate seeing how much he impacted others’ lives.

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