What’s Been on Our Minds…

If you’ve seen us play live this year, you are among the lucky ones! Irene & Reed is currently focusing on recording album 2 and then writing album 3. We are hoping to play some one-off impromptu open mic gigs this summer, so you may run into us out there. Otherwise, track our happenings and news on Twitter @IreneandReed. You can also follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/IreneandReedBand.

We’ll announce as soon as album 2 is available for sale! Stay tuned…

Now, check out these some fun tips for other DIY bands in Indiana:

Stuck in the Midwest and can’t afford a real vacation? Try renting out a cabin in Nashville, Indiana: http://www.browncountylogcabins.com/. Irene & Reed hope to record album 3 there!

Fans can now pay for music at shows with a credit card! … We finally joined the Square revolution!  https://squareup.com/

Gig Calculator for touring musicians: http://gigcalc.gehwokka.com/

Is #SocialMedia worth it for musicians? http://www.musicmarketingmanifesto.com/social-media-for-musicians/ 

Thanks #JohnOszajca #MusicMarketingManifesto!

Indiana custom apparel printing http://www.prngraphics.com #PRNGraphics


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