Film Extras and Locations Needed

With the upcoming 2012 release of Irene & Reed’s second album, Struggle, Strength, Reclamation, we will be shooting some music videos in either Indiana or Ohio for a few of our singles, including “Mission”, “Tochter von Berlin,” and possibly another track. We need your help!


We are looking for volunteer extras who would be interested in being filmed in one of the videos (details to be announced later), as well as film locations. If you want to be added to our list of extras for a music video, please email us at and put “Film Extra” in the Subject line. Also include your name, age, availability, and contact info. Once our video storyboard and location has been chosen, we will contact you with further information about the video shoot(s).


Also, if you know of any of these available locations that we could either rent at a reasonable price for at least one full day (8-10 hours), or a free location we can shoot in, please email us at Put “Film Location” in the Subject line. Thanks!

1. Access to an old church with a sanctuary, pews, a choir loft, a piano or organ (or both), and a pulpit. Denomination can vary. Either Old-South Baptist, Catholic, a Spanish Mission, or just a little old country chapel that only holds 50-60 people.
2. Access to an old cabin out in the woods, preferably with a piano in it (somewhere in the Midwest or Tennessee).
3. Access to a historic town, pub, or train depot in Indiana.



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