Irene & Reed Radio Interview, Re: The Sweetest Condition

Missed our recent radio show interview as The Sweetest Condition (our new music project) on @IndyInTune?
Listen to Episode #117 here!:

In the podcast, we mentioned a lot of great local bands, promoters, and venues from the Indiana music scene, including Mina & the Wondrious Flying Machine, Modern Motion, Emily Poe Project, The End Times Spasm Band, Bishop, O’Sherry Presents, MOKB, and more!…
Highlights from Indy In-Tune Interview from August 15, 2012:
Host: Darrin Snider
Interviewees: Leslie Irene Benson (vocals) and Jason Reed Milner (piano)

I. New Band:
The Sweetest Condition (new project by the founders of Irene & Reed)

What does the new name mean?: The yin-yang of relationships… How the L-word can mean the purity and infatuation of your first love to some, and to others, it can mean obsession and possession. It’s a very dangerous word!

Why change it?:
Leslie was sick of wearing high heels and missed her steel toe boots and fishnets!
II. New Sound and Album: 
We’re a mix between Depeche Mode and Tori Amos. We’re an organic-electronic hybrid!

We’re working on a brand new EP for The Sweetest Condition.

Our second album (which we’re releasing under Irene & Reed): Struggle, Strength, Reclamation, due out in 2013, was recorded at Sony Tree Studios in Nashville (the same Studio A where Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum record).

III. Accomplishments since forming the band in 2009:

  • The Sweetest Condition holds three Top 20 spots on Indy In-Tune in August 2012
  • First Music Video: Our cover of “No Light, No Light” by Florence + The Machine received over 1,000 views in its first month on YouTube [2012]! Watch it here.
  • “Not Lonely Anymore,” the first single from the upcoming second album (Struggle, Strength, Reclamation) by Irene & Reed, debuted on the Indy In-Tune radio charts at No. 3!
  • Held No. 1 Singer/Songwriter spot for over 3 months in Indianapolis on the ReverbNation charts [2011]; we’re still consistently ranked in the Top 10 [2012].
  • We released debut album, Closer to Home, (as Irene & Reed) in 2009, which is still for sale on iTunes and
  • We performed over 20 live shows during first album tour in 2011.
    • This included performing during the 10th Anniversary of ORANJE (;
    • Playing the 5th Anniversary of the Broad Ripple Music Festival’s Showcase at Indy CD & Vinyl;
    • Opening the 100th Year Anniversary Indy Parks Original Music Showcase at Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis; and
    • Headlining the Chateau de Pique Annual WineFest in Seymour, Indiana.

IV. Where we’re headed:
We want to build a Theremin cello; finish album 2 as Irene & Reed; start our brand new EP as The Sweetest Condition; add theatrics and special effects to our stage show; start our own production company; integrate new instrumentation (the looper, guitar, flute, etc.); and try not to drive each other crazy!
V. Where to find us online:

   Side project:

Where to listen to our music:  (FREE music downloads!)

Buy our first album, Closer to Home (under our former name, Irene & Reed), on iTunes:

VI. Indy In-Tune Links:
Stream local music 24/7 on Indy In-Tune radio:

@IndyInTune has 117+ podcasts of local bands for FREE DOWNLOAD:

Find local Indy music news and radio schwag via @IndyInTune at and at


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