Anticipating Album Two

After two years of writing and recording original songs so overwhelmingly personal that it was almost painful for me to get through and relive them at each live show and during every recording session; through countless instances of technology failing/crashing; and through the loss of all our former band members to various life/job moves, I am here now waiting on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the release of our second album under the name Irene & Reed, Struggle, Strength, Reclamation.

The 12 songs on the album are done, and like our own little “children,” we sent each one off to “school,” carefully wrapped, protected, and loved, to a wise teacher—our sound engineer/mixer. He will educate each one individually, encouraging it to be the best sounding song it can be, adjusting levels here and there until the tracks all graduate and return home.

Now, I don’t have kids of my own (unless you count two furry ferrets, of course), so the songs Jason Reed Milner and I write are like our own version of “offspring.” (* Cue the “Come as Your Are” anthem * … lol). Seriously, though, we put just as much care and thought into each song as we would raising a real human child. And when the songs “grow up” and are fully mixed and mastered, we will be proud to send them off into the world into your loving arms (and ears), to be cherished, just as we love them so.

We thank you for being patient with us on our journey. We’ll be the first ones to “smoke a ceremonial cigar” and throw that “shower” with you once the “kids” have arrived back home. It shouldn’t be long now!…

Even more exciting still is the new EP we are writing currently for our new, edgier music project. Learn more at

With appreciation,
Leslie Irene Benson, singer-songwriter
Irene & Reed
The Sweetest Condition

About the Upcoming Album:

Struggle, Strength, Reclamation, the second full album by Irene & Reed describes one woman’s story of struggle, lust, loss, and redemption. The songs follow our heroine’s story as she reaches musical martyrdom. Benson’s voice gives haunting introduction to the journey on the opening track, “Mission”: “I am filled with love stories and inconsistency. I am a free spirit tied to indecision. I don’t come with instructions. I move in all directions. I may make bad decisions, but I’m on a mission!”

“Through metaphor, imagery and storytelling, I’m able to convey a proverbial ‘f*** you’ or ‘I love you,’” Benson says. “It’s empowering to have this form of release. That, and a faith in something greater, has kept me going all these years. When fans listen to our songs and connect with them personally, it makes all the blood and tears penned down worth every second. We are grateful for every person who supports our vision.”

Photo by Mark Cline of Chubby Seal Records.

2 Responses to “Anticipating Album Two”
  1. I LOVED #1!!!! I am looking forward to #2!

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