Missing Nashville and Sony Tree Studios

Around this time last year, vocalist Leslie Irene Benson, pianist Jason Reed Milner, drummer Eddie Venable and his wife Christi, sound engineer Brad Milner, and band manager Mark Cline of Chubby Seal Records all piled into their cars and hauled their butts to Nashville, Tenn., for a 50-plus hour 3-day weekend of non-stop recording of drums, piano, and organ for Irene & Reed’s upcoming second album, Struggle, Strength, Reclamation. Their return to Sony Tree Studios was welcomed by the studio lights, the massive Neve mixing console, a slew of more than 20 microphones, lots of Maker’s Mark whiskey and green tea.

Thanks again to Sony and all who participated and assisted in the recording, which is currently being mixed and will soon be mastered.

In anticipation of the album release, here are some photos from that weekend last autumn. You can also watch our session videos on YouTube.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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