Keep Independent Filmmakers in Indiana

Jason Reed Milner and I recently joined the Indiana Filmmakers Network (IFN), so we can network with other creative minds in the area, support each other, and enhance local opportunities for music video production and film scoring.

At the November meeting, we were impressed by the presentation by Chuck Budreau, Denise Jaeckel, and others on the proposed Indiana Film and Media Production Tax Credit, being introduced by the Indiana Media Production Alliance (IMPA). With a background as a journalist and marketing professional, I was compelled to take notes during the meeting and write an article for my personal blog ( regarding the IMPA’s mission.

The IMPA’s proposed film tax incentive will help keep film and media production professionals living and working in Indiana. The goal is to reduce brain drain, bring jobs to Indiana, improve the economy, and increase filmmaking in Indiana.

Read more of the story: Click  here  

How You Can Help:
1. Donate money. … The fundraising campaign will begin soon via!
2. Spread the word. Sign up for the IMPA email mailing list on Follow IMPA on its social media sites, and repost their messages. 
3. Volunteer. Contact to get involved.
4. Donate Perks (schwag to be given away during IMPA fundraisers).

Thanks for caring! – Leslie Irene Benson

Links of Interest:
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Indiana Media Production Alliance (IMPA):
Indiana Filmmakers Network (IFN) –


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