Late Period Steampunk: On Irene & Reed’s Music, from a Fan

“This is a completely new style of music, something along the lines of a jazz / blues / industrial revolution. It inspires great thoughts, and creates that aged feel, like something inspired from the late 1930s/early ’40s. It has a sweet melody and symphonic tone that creates a sensation riveting the senses and embracing the ideals. It creates a perception of a world that lies somewhere between jazz and steam punk. It’s a fantastic sound that has a unique rhythm and groove, a fluid timbre that flows within its own soul, its own sound, and its own sensation.

I think in many ways it has a solid sound and tone for a great deal of newer styles revisiting older techniques, embracing a hybrid evolution of synthpop meets jazz. It keeps up a solid rhythm and balances out the guttural deep soul blues, reminding us of an old world flow that has evolved into a new world frontier, a place yet undiscovered in a far off land. Melodic, fluid, and sensational, it has within it its own sound, its own heartbeat, and its own style of music. Call it something unique, and call it its own genre. It should be called the “Late Period Steampunk: Blue Steel, or Blue Iron.”

—Kabiri Jester, new fan of Irene & Reed
December 7, 2012

From the band: Thanks, Kabiri, for your heartfelt review of our music!

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