A Hurricane Couldn’t Keep Us Away

BESTPIX  Coastal Communities Along Eastern Seaboard Evacuate Ahead Of Hurricane Irene

We were playing a show at The Twenty, a 1920’s-themed piano bar at the Charley Creek Inn in Wabash, IN, the week that Hurricane Irene hit. “Irene & Reed” on the bill that night never seemed so fitting. “We didn’t do it!” we joked. … Fortunately, that storm passed, but you still may be wondering what ever happened to the band. Well, we didn’t get “shooed out of town” as the sign says. Instead, Irene & Reed is on pause for a while as we focus on a new music project, an organic-electronic hybrid called The Sweetest Condition. Think dark 1980’s synth rock. … Come on over. You may like what you hear.

Leslie I. Benson, Singer-Songwriter

This is why they call us “musical chameleons.”

The Sweetest Condition Music Player:

Irene & Reed Music Player:

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