Irene Photos from Nashville by Jason Reed Milner

Photos of singer/songwriter Leslie Irene Benson of the band Irene & Reed in Nashville, TN, by pianist Jason Reed Milner. Find more of Reed’s photos at  

Irene Launches Jewelry Line to Fund Second Album

“I have begun liberating myself by creating one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry ‘made with love’ from a variety of mixed media. Each sale will go toward funding the release of the two new upcoming albums by my bands, The Sweetest Condition and Irene & Reed. Details will be coming soon!” xoxo  -Leslie “Irene” Benson Read more: Click … Continue reading

Photos from Sony Tree Studios 2009-2011

We dug up some more photos from our first two recording sessions at Sony/ATV Publishing’s Sony Tree Studios in Nashville, TN. The images are of Irene & Reed (vocalist Leslie Irene Benson and pianist Jason Reed Milner) with sound engineer Brad Milner, taken in November 2009, and with Brad, drummer Eddie Venable, and Chubby Seal … Continue reading

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