When the Smoke Clears

When the Smoke Clears
© 2012 Irene & Reed
Released as a single
Lyrics by Leslie Benson 2011
Vocals by Leslie I. Benson and Jason Reed Milner

Like the whippoorwill trusts her song,
I trust my stories. I trust my stories.
Like the blind child to mother’s arm,
give into memories. Give into memories.

But I don’t rely on the pages to guide me;
don’t let their truths bind me,
or their mysteries untie me.

’Cause I give from the overflow
not from the core.
You can’t siphon a well
Through a concrete floor.

I may slip on the leaves falling
outside my door,
But I learned not to push,
when there ain’t anymore.

Like the whippoorwill trusts her song,
I trust my stories. I trust my stories.

I’ll be here
when the smoke clears
in the cinders
on my knees.

You are the light escaping
through my fingers
through the trees.

I’ve waited for so long
I’ve played through every song.
But I’ll be here
when the smoke clears, when the smoke clears.

You are the light, the music;
keep me from standing still
You’re the smooth stone skipping
through my fingers, through my fingers.

[Photo by Kris Arnold, edited by Irene]


About the Song

When you give too much to others without giving to yourself first, for the very essence of survival, you are cheating yourself. This is especially true if you make too many withdrawals from your “emotional bank” so much that you become “bankrupt,” empty, and broken. Too much self-sacrifice will harm you. So, love yourself, and when you have extra love to give, share it with others. Your true friends will stand by you through this challenging journey.

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