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Late Period Steampunk: On Irene & Reed’s Music, from a Fan

“This is a completely new style of music, something along the lines of a jazz / blues / industrial revolution. It inspires great thoughts, and creates that aged feel, like something inspired from the late 1930s/early ’40s. It has a sweet melody and symphonic tone that creates a sensation riveting the senses and embracing the … Continue reading

Random Things We Love

Abandoned places; carnivals and clocks; gloved fingertips; worn suitcases that have seen many miles; ravens following us in flight; dreamcatchers twirling over the bed; armour and white flags; pipe organs; a gospel choir singing in harmony; solitary cemetery walks; fedoras and pillar box hats; leather-bound journals with ink stains; old photographs and scrapbooks; kissing on … Continue reading

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